By default, Enterprise Portal does not display any documents. To display documents, you must map document types to document categories. Document categories determine which types of documents can be displayed on specific Enterprise Portal module sites. The list of document categories is fixed, but the categories are general enough to encompass most document types.

For example, if your organization uses Microsoft Visio® diagrams, you must map the .vsd document type to a document category in Enterprise Portal. If the .vsd document type is not mapped to a category, users cannot view Visio diagrams in Enterprise Portal.

After you map document types to document categories, you must specify which document categories are visible on each Enterprise Portal module site, and then specify which document categories are visible for external users. Document categories act as a sort of filter by allowing only users with the appropriate permissions to view certain types of documents, and then only on the designated module site.

This topic describes how to set up documents for viewing in Enterprise Portal using the .

You can also specify which document categories appear in Enterprise Portal modules on the tab in the form ( > > > > ).

Note Note

This topic does not describe how to add new document types to Microsoft Dynamics AX. For information about adding new document types, and other document management tasks, see Using document managementin the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  1. Click > > > > .

  2. Click Nextuntil the page is displayed.

    The document types that are listed on this page are the document types in the > > > form.

  3. Select a document type to display in Enterprise Portal, and then select the document category that it should be mapped to.

  4. After you have specified a document category for each document type to display in Enterprise Portal, click Next.

    Note Note

    Categories can contain multiple document types, but a document type cannot be mapped to multiple categories.

  5. On the page, right-click each category and click .

    Note Note

    Use the and options to specify which document categories can be viewed by external users (customers or vendors). If you do not specify any document categories for these items, external users will not be able to view any documents in Enterprise Portal.

  6. After you have specified which document categories appear in each module, click Nextand complete the wizard.

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