When you install the Enterprise Portal framework, Setup creates an Enterprise Portal intranet site by default. If you will be using the default intranet site, you do not need to complete the steps listed in this topic, unless you want to create another intranet site.

This topic describes how to manually create intranet sites using SharePoint Central Administration after you installed Enterprise Portal using Setup. You might want to do this if you chose not to create the default intranet site when you installed Enterprise Portal, or if you want to create multiple Enterprise Portal intranet sites. For more information about installing Enterprise Portal, see "Install Enterprise Portal and Role Centers" in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Installation guide.

Important considerations

  • Enterprise Portal is designed to be a top-level site. If you installed Enterprise Portal on Office SharePoint Server, delete the top-level site collection using SharePoint Central Administration ( Start> Administrative Tools> SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration> Application Management> Delete Site Collection). If you create the Enterprise Portal site as a subsite of an existing site collection, users might need to use additional navigation steps to complete tasks, and it might be more complicated for administrators to manage site permissions.

  • You cannot create company-specific Enterprise Portal intranet sites. If users have access to multiple companies, they can select which company to view information for using the Companylist in Enterprise Portal.

To create an Enterprise Portal intranet site

  1. In the Microsoft Dynamics AX client, click > > > > .

  2. Click the button.

  3. Enter information in the Web Application, Title and Description, and Web Site Addresssections.

Important Important

You must enter a unique title and description for each Enterprise Portal site. If you create a new Web site using SharePoint Services or IIS Manager, and a title or site description matches an existing site, Enterprise Portal will not deploy on the new site.

  1. Under Template Selection, click the Customtab.

  2. Click Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal.

  3. Enter information in the Site Ownersand Quotasections, and then click OK.

Enable the Web server in Windows Firewall

After you create the SharePoint site, you must enable the Web server in Windows Firewall so users can access the site. If you do not enable the Web server in Windows Firewall, you can view the site on the local server, but no other users can view the site.

  1. Click Start> Control Panel> Windows Firewall.

  2. Click the Advancedtab.

  3. In the Network Connection Settingssection, click Settings.

  4. Select Web Server (HTTP)and click OK.

Note Note

By default, when you enable Web Server (HTTP)through the firewall, you enable port 80. If you configured the Enterprise Portal site for a port other than port 80, enable that port on the Exceptionstab in Windows Firewall.

Next steps

After you have created an intranet site, see the following topics to finish configuring and securing your site: