This section provides overviews of the Inventory business process components, lists the forms associated with each component, and discusses the tasks associated with each component.

(LVA) Post and print an inventory movement

(LVA) Post and print an inventory write-down document

(LVA) Post and print an internal transfer delivery note

(LVA) Post and print an inventory reclassification document

Inventory business process component forms

The following table lists the forms that support the Inventory business process component. The table entries are organized alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

You may require additional information or specific parameter settings in order to navigate to some of these forms.

Business process component task

Form name


Post and print inventory journal

Inventory journal (modified form)

Post the on-hand inventory levels, profit and loss, transfers, bills of material transactions, counting journals, fixed assets, and items related to projects.

Journal lines, Inventory (modified form)

Analyze inventory journal lines for the selected journal.