Financial reports are generated for a specified reporting period. You can select a first, last, or arbitrary date for the reporting period, depending on the length, or date interval, of the reporting period. When you generate the report, the start and end dates for the reporting period are calculated using the selected date interval. The origin date used is the base date on which the report was generated.

When the report is run, cell values are calculated for the selected period, and the report is generated in Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel format, depending on which template is selected.

  1. Click General ledger> Reports> External> Financial reports generatorto open the Financial reports generatorreport.

  2. Select the financial report to be generated and then click Printto open the Base dateform.

  3. In the Base datefield, select the base date. The reporting period is determined based on this date.

  4. Click OKto generate the financial report.

    Note Note

    The report is exported to a file with a copy of the report template in Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel, using the file path that was specified when the report was set up in the Financial Reports Generator. The file is automatically named Template name1. For example, if the template was called Balance.xls, the generated report is named Balance1.xls. The completed report can be saved and modified as a regular MS Word or MS Excel file.

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