The address format determines how addresses are displayed when printed. You can apply an address format for each country and region in which you conduct commercial activity. By default, you can use the U.S. address format.

  1. Click Basic> Setup> Addresses> Address formatto open the Address formatform.

  2. On the Overviewtab, press CTRL+N to create a new record for Russia.

  3. Enter an identifier and a name for the address format in the Address formatand Descriptionfields.

  4. Click the Setuptab. For each address format, create lines with address elements and determine the sequence of their placement.

  5. In the Address application objectfield, select the last part of the address from the list of address elements. For example, country/region is usually the last line in the address.

    • ZIP/Postal code

    • City

    • County

    • State

    • Country/region

    • Street name

    • Settlement

    • House

    • Building

    • Apartment

    • Code by OKSM

  6. In the Separatorfield, enter a character, such as a space, comma, or hyphen, to represent the separation between the parts of the address in the same line.

  7. Select the New linecheck box to insert a line break between the current line and the next line.

  8. Select the Not activecheck box if the line should not be used in the address format.

  9. Select the Expandcheck box if the application object should be expanded from a code, if possible.

  10. Select the Specialcheck box to specify whether the field contains the same characters as the previous separator.

  11. Click Upor Downto arrange the address components in the correct format.

  12. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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For more information, see "Address format (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

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