After the inventory closing, you can adjust the inventory cost price for the remaining inventory items. The adjustment amount is allocated to all open receipts.

Note Note

On-hand inventory adjustments can be performed only after the inventory has been closed.

  1. Click Inventory management> Periodic> Closing and adjusting in currencyto open the Closing and adjustmentform.

  2. Select a record with a Closingadjustment type, and then click Adjustment > On-handto open the Adjustment of on-hand inventory in secondary currencyform.

  3. Click Selectto open the Select on-hand inventoryform and set up the selection criteria for adjusting the on-hand inventory.

  4. Click OKto return to the Adjustment of on-hand inventory in secondary currencyform. The list of inventory to be adjusted further will be displayed in this form, along with the dimension codes that are associated with the specified selection criteria.

    Note Note

    To redefine the selection criteria, first click Deleteto remove the existing lines, and then click Selectto specify the new selection criteria.

  5. In the Edit nowfield, enter the amount that should be used to adjust the on-hand inventory value.

  6. Click Adjustmentand select one of the following:

    • Item cost price- After adjustment, the cost price will be equal to the standard price specified in the inventory item card ( Inventory management> Common Forms> Item details).

    • Fixed cost price- Open the Adjustment to fixed cost priceform and enter the fixed cost price for the inventory unit. After adjustment, the cost price is adjusted to that unit price.

      Note Note

      The value is displayed in the Edit nowfield based on the selected adjustment option. However, you can modify the displayed value.

    • Amount- Open the Adjustment with amountform, and enter the increase or decrease in the cost price of the item in accordance with the allocation principle. After adjustment, the total cost price is increased or decreased by the specified amount proportionate to the quantity or cost price of the on-hand inventory.

    • Value- Open the Adjustment to valueform, and enter the total value of the cost price of the item after adjustment.

    • Percent- Open the Percentage adjustmentform, and enter the percentage of positive on-hand inventory or total on-hand inventory that should be used when adjusting the total cost price.

  7. To post the adjustment results, click Post (b)and open the Adjustment of on-hand inventoryform.

  8. From the Specificationfield, select one of the following options:

    • Total- Adjustments are posted for all items that have the same settings in the posting profile.

    • Item group- Adjustments are posted for all items based on the item group.

    • Item number- Adjustments are posted for each item.

  9. Select the Update ledgercheck box to post the adjustment transactions in the General ledger.

    Note Note

    If you do not select this parameter, the cost price will be adjusted in inventory transactions but no adjustments will be made in the ledger.

  10. Enter any necessary comments in the Notefield.

  11. Click OKto post the adjustment results.

    Note Note

    After posting, the adjusted amount is displayed in the Transactions on itemform in the Adjustment (cur.)field.

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