The Czech Republic customs law requires that companies report purchases and sales to and from other EU countries on a monthly basis. To meet this requirement, you can generate and export an Intrastat declaration report in XML format. You will need to collect the required information from your sales and purchase orders.

Prior to 1.1.2008, three formats, ASCII, CSV, and XML, could be used for the Intrastat report. However, at this time, XML formatting is required, and the report is submitted through PVS, an on-line reporting tool used by the Statistical Office.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> Intrastat.

  2. Click Transfer-CZto open the Transferform.

  3. Select the appropriate check boxes to indicate the document types from which the transactions are to be transferred.

  4. In the Exchange rates datefield, select the date for the currency exchange rate.

  5. Click Selectto open the Inquiryform, and then select the criteria by which the transactions are to be transferred. Click OK.

  6. In the Transferform, click OKto transfer the transactions to the Intrastatform.

  7. Click Output, and then click Diskette-CZto open the Dialogform.

  8. In the Directionfield, select Arrivals, Dispatches, or Bothto select the direction of the item transaction.

  9. In the File formatfield, select XMLto generate Intrastat reports in XML format.

  10. In the Declaration typefield, select the type of declaration for XML reporting from the following options:

    • Primary– Indicates an original declaration. The Intrastat report is generated and sent to the PVS communicator, which encrypts and signs the XML.

    • Null– Indicates that even if there are no Intrastat lines, the Intrastat report is generated for the reporting period and sent to the PVS communicator, which encrypts and signs the XML. The Statistical Office is informed that the reporting unit met its reporting obligations. The Nulldeclaration type has no 'item' element.

    • Replacing– Replaces a previous declaration to correct the Intrastat line. The values from the original line are copied into the existing line.

    • Deleting– Deletes the previous declaration.

      Note Note

      You must select the Previous declaration identifierfield for the Deletingand Replacingdeclaration type.

  11. Click OK.

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