1. Click Accounts payable> Journals> Invoices> Invoice journal> Linesto open the Journal voucherform.

  2. Press CTRL +N to create a new line, and enter the required details.

    Note Note

    For more information, see "Invoice journal lines (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  3. In the Datefield, select the voucher posting date.

  4. In the Account typefield, select Vendor.

  5. In the Accountfield, select the vendor account number.

  6. In the Invoicefield, enter the invoice number.

  7. In the Creditfield, enter the credit amount, including taxes.

  8. In the Sales tax groupfield, select the sales tax group to determine the tax.

  9. In the Item sales tax groupfield, select the item sales tax group to determine the tax.

  10. Click the Invoicetab. In the Posting profilefield, select a profile posting to determine the ledger account to track the debt with the vendor.

  11. Click Sales taxto view the calculated taxes for each line.

  12. Click Post> Postto post the journal.

    Note Note

    To view the ledger calculations created for the journal, in the Journal voucherform, click Inquiries> Voucher.

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