Fixed assets setup and maintenance forms

The following table lists the forms that support setting up and maintaining Fixed assets. The table is organized by task and then alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

You may require additional information or specific parameter settings in order to navigate to some of these forms.

For more information about setup and maintenance tasks, see the System and Application Setup Guide.


Form name


Basic setup of Fixed assets

FA group table (form)

Create fixed asset groups.

FA group value models (form)

Define value models and depreciation groups for a fixed asset group.

FA location (form)

Create fixed asset account locations.

FA value models (form)

Create or update value models for a fixed asset.

Fixed Asset Posting Profiles

Set up posting profiles for fixed asset transactions.

Fixed assets (form)

Create and manage fixed assets.

Fixed Assets parameters (form)

Set up parameters for fixed assets.

Value models (form)

Create fixed asset value models, tax accounting models, and accounting models for deferred expenses.

Setting up tax on fixed assets

Assessed tax (form)

Create tax benefit codes for a fixed asset.

Distribution (form)

Set up location codes and the percentage distribution of the fixed asset by location.

Ledger posting groups of taxes (form)

Create posting groups for fixed assets taxes.

Sales tax relations (form)

Create sales tax relation codes and budget revenue codes.

Setting up depreciation

Analysis codes (form)

Create analysis codes for fixed assets.

Depreciation groups (form)

Create depreciation groups for fixed assets.

Depreciation method (form)

Create or update depreciation methods for fixed assets.

Fixed assets journals and posting

FA budget model (form)

View information about asset budget transactions.