A purchase book is a tax accounting document. In a purchase book, you can record vendor factures, factures on returns and credit notes to vendors, factures on advance reports from advance holders, factures on customer prepayments, and corrected tax transaction factures.

  1. Click Basic> Setup> Company informationto open the Company informationform.

  2. Click the Othertab and, in the Report Folderfield, specify the folder that contains the purchase book template.

  3. Close the Company informationform.

  4. Click Accounts payable> Setup> Parametersto open the Accounts payable parametersform.

  5. Click the Number sequencestab and, in the Number sequence codefield, select the number sequence associated with the purchase book in the Referencefield.

  6. Close the Accounts payable parametersform.

  7. Click Accounts payable> Periodic> Purchase book> Purchase books journalto open the Purchase books journalform. A list of previously created purchase books is displayed in the form.

  8. Click Create new bookto create a new purchase book in the Purchase books journalform.

    Note Note

    The Create new bookbutton is activated only if all books that are listed in the form are closed. The Codefield is updated automatically based on the purchase book numbering sequence.

  9. In the Namefield, enter a name for the book.

  10. Click Functions> Updateto open the Purchase bookform.

    Note Note

    You can only update an open book.

  11. In the To datefield, specify the settlement period for the update.

    Note Note

    When you create the first book, you can set only the end date. The dates cannot be edited for later books. The From dateand To datefields are determined by the tax settlement period.

  12. Select the Close the bookcheck box to close the book.

  13. Click OKto create a new purchase book. The lines of the purchase book are refreshed, and the closing date is saved in the Closed datefield of the book in the Purchase books journalform.

  14. Click Functions> Delete bookto delete a purchase book.

    Note Note

    Only the last book can be deleted regardless of whether it is closed or not.

  15. Click Print> Purchase bookto print the purchase book in the internal report.


    Click Print> Purchase book Microsoft Office Excelto print the purchase book in a Microsoft Office Excel template.

    Note Note

    In the Purchase books journalform, click Linesto open the Purchase book linesform to view the lines of the purchase book.

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