Lithuanian tax law stipulates that all VAT payers who supplied goods to other EU countries during the accounting period must submit a VIES report (FR0564). The VIES report is prepared each month for the preceding accounting period, and can be submitted electronically.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> EU sales listto open the EU sales listform.

  2. Click Transferand enter the required details in the Transfer invoice to EU sales listform.

  3. Click OK. The details are displayed in the EU sale listform.

    Note Note

    The fields can be modified if required.

  4. Click Outputand select Diskette - LTto open the Generate diskette for EU sales listform.

  5. In the File namefield, select the path and name of the file.

  6. In the Datefield, select the transaction date.

  7. In the Contact informationfield, enter the phone number or the e-mail address of the person who is responsible for the report.

  8. In the Quarterfield, select the quarter in which the report is to be generated.

  9. In the Yearfield, select the year in which the report is to be generated.

  10. In the Report typefield, select a report description as Primary, Corrected, or Partially corrected.

  11. In the Appearancefield, select File, Screen, or Bothto indicate where the report is to appear.

  12. Click OKto generate the report.

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