Use the external inventory to verify items that you have received, but have not yet purchased. An external inventory transaction does not affect standard inventory management or inventory financial reporting.

You can register an external inventory transaction in the Ext. inventory journal linesform.

  1. Click Inventory management> Journals> Item transaction> External inventoryto open the Inventory journalform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new journal.

  3. In the Namefield, select the journal name.

Note Note

You must select the journal with the journal type of Ext. inventory transactions.

  1. Click Linesto open the Ext. inventory journal linesform.

  2. In the Item numberfield, select an item number.

  3. In the Datefield, select the date of the transaction.

  4. In the Vendor accountfield, select the vendor account that is associated with the external inventory.

  5. In the Quantityfield, enter the quantity of goods available in the external inventory warehouse.

  6. In the Inventory unitfield, select the unit of measurement for the selected item number.

  7. On the Dimensionstab, in the Sitefield, select the site from which you can ship the items.

  8. In the Warehousefield, select the external inventory warehouse.

    Note Note

    In the Warehousefield, you must select the warehouse type as External Inventory.

  9. Click Postto post the journal.

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