When the repair cost for a fixed asset exceeds 50 percent of its acquisition value, the net balance value of the asset is increased by the repair amount. Therefore, comprehensive repair information must be stored for all fixed assets. You can print a report that contains information about the repair costs.

  1. Click General ledger> Reports> Transactions> Periodic> Asset Repairto open the Asset repairform.

  2. In the Value modelfield, select the value model of the asset that was repaired.

  3. In the From dateand To datefields, select the starting and ending date of the report period.

  4. Select the Show report transactionscheck box to print the repair transactions in the report.

  5. In the Print from percentagefield, enter the minimum percentage of the repair amount compared to the acquisition value of the fixed asset.

    Note Note

    The report will include only those fixed assets with a repair-cost-to-acquisition-value ratio that is higher than the percentage you enter in this field.

  6. Click Selectto enter any additional criteria to select fixed assets for inclusion in the report.

  7. Click OKto return to the Asset repairform. The fixed asset details are displayed in the Asset repairform.

  8. Click OKto print the report.

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