1. Click Accounts payable> Common Forms> Advance reports.

  2. Press CTRL+N and enter information in the required fields.

  3. In the lower pane, click the Linestab.

  4. Click Functions, and then select Copy from sourcesto open the Create lines - Advance reportform. The form displays a list of credit transactions posted by the advance holder.

    Note Note

    In the upper pane, the Source typefield displays the identification type of the original document. The source for type Factureis the purchase order, and the source for type Accounts payableis the vendor transaction. The Amount currency, Currency, and Amountfields indicate the total amount in the secondary currency of the transaction, the currency code, and the amount in the company's standard currency. In the lower pane, the Numberfield displays the number of the vendor's facture. The Descriptionfield displays the item name. The Currency, Amount currency, and Sales tax amount in currencyfields display the voucher currency, the line amount, and the sales tax amount respectively.

  5. In the upper pane, select the Markcheck box to confirm the documents to be copied.

  6. Click OKto transfer the expense data to the advance report.

    In the Document numberfield of the advance report, the number of the source facture is copied if the Line Typefield of the advance report is set to Facture, or the number of the transaction is copied if the Line Typefield of the advance report is set to Vendor.

    Note Note

    You cannot edit the Amount, Currency, and Ledger accountfields.

  7. Click Postto post the report.

  8. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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