Polish law requires that companies report purchases and sales to and from other EU countries on a monthly basis. To meet this requirement, you can generate and export an Intrastat declaration report in XML format. You will need to collect the required information from your sales and purchase orders.

  1. Click Basic> Setup> Foreign trade> Intrastat parametersto open the Foreign trade parametersform.

  2. On the Number sequencestab, in the Number sequence codefield, set up a number sequence code for the xml file numberreference type.

    Note Note

    Do not select the Continuouscheck box in the Number sequencesform.

  3. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

  4. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> Intrastatto open the Intrastatform.

  5. Click Transfer – PLand select the journals to be transferred to the Intrastatform.

    Note Note

    You can click Selectto make additional selections.

  6. Click OKto transfer the selected transactions.

  7. In the Intrastatform, click Validate.

    Note Note

    You can check the field values set up in the Foreign trade parametersform. In the Intrastatinquiry form, you can define the criteria for Intrastat transactions.

  8. Click Output> XML Fileto open the Create INTRASTAT XML fileform.

  9. In the File namefield, enter the path and name for the generated XML file.

  10. Select the Only correctionscheck box to include only corrections.

  11. In the Own document numberfield, enter a unique XML file number.

  12. In the Year of document demit, enter the calendar year.

  13. In the Monthfield, select the month.

  14. In the Directionfield, select the direction of the item transaction.

  15. In the Declaration typefield, select the direction of the item transaction from the following options:

    • Declaration– To create the main declaration.

    • Declaration correction – replacement– To create a declaration correction.

    • Position correction– To create a declaration with a position correction.

  16. In the Document Nofield, enter the document number.

  17. In the Document versionfield, enter the document version.

  18. In the Date of document creationfield, select the document date.

  19. In the City of document creationfield, enter the city or ZIP/postal code.

  20. In the Namefield, enter the name of the employee.

  21. In the Telephonefield, enter the telephone number.

  22. In the Company fax numberfield, enter the fax number.

  23. In the E-mailfield, enter the e-mail address.

  24. Click Selectto select only Intrastat transactions for the XML file.

  25. Click OKto generate the XML file.

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