You can use the query directory to configure and edit queries to retrieve values from database tables for electronic reporting. You can retrieve values from any database table, including the E-Document Register, which stores information, such as the sender, date, and number, about a created document. Configured queries are used to create values for fixed requisites.

  1. Click General ledger> Setup> Financial reports generator> Queriesto open the Queriesform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to open the Create queryform.

  3. In the Queryfield, enter an identification code for the query.

  4. In the Namefield, enter the query name.

  5. In the Query typefield, select the desired query type from the following options:

    • Simple– A query type that allows you to retrieve data from database tables.

    • VAT Declaration second section– A predefined, customizable query type that uses the VAT Declaration Section 2 table indicators.

  6. Select the Create requisitescheck box to create requisites in the directory when you create the query.

    Note Note

    This check box is activated only if you select VAT Declaration second sectionas the Query type.

  7. In the Tablefield, select the name of the main query table. You can also select the table name in the Name of tablefield.

    Note Note

    The Tableand Name of tablefields are activated only if you select Simpleas the Query type.

  8. In the Queriesform, click Queryto open the Inquiryform. In this form, you can create a complex query for several tables and enter the selection criteria.

  9. In the Inquiryform, select the required related tables and set limits for field values.

    Note Note

    For example, if you are using the Electronic documents list table, the value in the Documentfilter field will be set automatically when you upload the document requisites. The code for the query document that you are creating is the value for the filter setting.

  10. Click OKto return to the Queriesform.

  11. To reset a query, click Resetto open a dialog form and then click Yes. Click Queryto modify the query tables and selection criteria.

  12. Click Fixed requisitesto open the Fixed requisitesform, and view the requisites with values that were created based on the queries.

  13. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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