According to Latvian tax law, Latvian companies must prepare and submit Intrastat reports that declare all movement of goods between Latvia and other European Union (EU) member states.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> Intrastatto open the Intrastatform.

  2. Click Transfer-LVto open the Intrastatform.

  3. Click Selectto open the Intrastatform, and then set up the selection criteria.

  4. Click OKto transfer the transactions.

    Note Note

    Only transactions between countries that are identified as EUin the Country/region typefield in the Country/regionform are transferred. The transfer is based on fields set up in the Foreign trade parametersform, under the Transferand Check setupfield groups.

  5. In the Intrastat additional valuefield, enter the value to be added to the sales value for Intrastat reporting.

    Note Note

    This additional value is stored in an invoice journal (customer, vendor, or project) and is equally split between invoice lines. The information for the invoice journal is collected from a sales order, purchase order, or project invoice, respectively.

  6. Click Check itemsto open the Check itemsform.

  7. Click Selectto open the Inquiryform, and then set up the selection criteria.

  8. Click OKto close the Inquiryform.

  9. In the Check itemsform, click OKto open the Check itemsform. Verify that the items in the Intrastatform comply with the parameters that are set up in the Check setupfield group on the Intrastattab, in the Foreign trade parametersform ( Basic> Setup> Foreign trade> Intrastat parameters), and then close the form.

    Note Note

    Any items that do not match the parameter setup are displayed in the Check itemsform. If you change the item details in the Check itemsform, the changes also will be reflected in the Itemform ( Inventory management> Common Forms> Items details). Click Check itemsto verify commodities, weight, additional units, and country or region details.

  10. Press CTRL +S or close the Check itemsform.

  11. In the Intrastatform, click Check selected transactionsto open the Check selected transactionsform.

  12. Click Selectto open the Intrastatform, and then set up the selection criteria.

  13. Click OKto close the Intrastatform.

  14. In the Check selected transactions, click OKto open the Check selected transactionsform and verify that the Intrastatreport lines are in compliance with the parameters that are defined in the Country/region, Terms of delivery, Transaction codes, and Transportfields, under the Check Setupfield group, in the Foreign trade parametersform.

  15. In the Intrastatform, click Output> Form-LVto open the Intrastatreport.

  16. In the Fromfield and Tofield, specify the time period for the Intrastat report.

  17. Select the Only correctionscheck box to include only corrected transactions in the report.

  18. In the Directionfield, select the type of item transaction direction from the following options:

    • Arrivals - Intrastat - 1A– The company exceeds the determined threshold.

    • Arrivals - Intrastat - 1B– The assimilation threshold has been reached.

    • Dispatches - Intrastat - 2A– The assimilation threshold has been reached.

    • Dispatches - Intrastat - 2B– The specific threshold has been reached.

  19. Click Selectto open the Intrastat - Reportform and set up the selection criteria.

  20. Click OKto print the Intrastatreport.

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