1. Click General ledger> Reports> Reconciliation> Sales tax> Czech Republic> Sales tax.

  2. In the Datefield, select the transaction date.

  3. In the Voucherfield, enter the voucher number.

  4. In the Ledger accountfield, select the ledger account number for posting in the ledger.

  5. Select the Difference onlycheck box to print only the differences. Lines that contain the same amount in both the Sales tax balanceand Ledger balance columnswill not be printed.

  6. Click OKto print the report.

    Note Note

    The totals of each general ledger account where VAT is posted are displayed. If the posting date and the date of the VAT register are different, only one line is printed. The debit and credit differences are displayed in the Difference debitand the Difference creditcolumns.