Czech Republic legislation and customary accounting practices require implementation of additional fields into external printed sales documents. The information that has been added to sales document formats includes:

  • Information required by Czech Republic law.

  • Additional information required by customers.

You can print the advance invoice number and the prepayment date on the tax document report, if the tax document is based on an advance invoice payment.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Common Forms> Customer Detailsto open the Customersform.

  2. Click Transactionsto open the Customer transactionsform.

  3. Select the transaction line for which an advance invoice payment was made, and then click Prepayment handlingto open the Prepayment handlingform and post the advance invoice.

  4. Click Advance invoiceto open the Prepayment proposal by advance invoiceform.

  5. Select the Markcheck box to select the advance invoice, and then click OK.

  6. In the Prepayment handlingform, in the Sales tax groupfield and the Item sales taxgroup field, enter the tax groups.

  7. Select the Tax documentcheck box.

  8. In the Datefield, enter the tax document date.

  9. Click Post.

  10. In the Customer transactionsform, click Tax document> Createto open the Tax document creationform.

  11. Click OKto open the Tax documentsform, and then click Printto print the tax document.