In general, only one invoice is included in each facture. However, sometimes it is necessary to include more than one invoice in a facture.

  1. Click Accounts payable> Inquiries> Journals> Invoiceto open the Invoice Journalform.

  2. Select the invoice account, and then click Update factureto open the Update factureform.

  3. In the Facturefield, enter the facture number.

  4. In the Date of the registrationfield, select the facture registration date.

  5. In the Facture datefield, select the facture creation date.

    Note Note

    This date is the same as the facture registration date. The field can be modified only if you clear the Same ascheck box.

  6. In the lower section of the form, on the Invoicetab, select the To facturecheck box to include the invoices for the facture.

    Note Note

    If you do not want to create a facture for a particular invoice line, click the Invoice linestab and clear the To facturecheck box.

  7. Click Posting> Update and printto update and print the facture.


    Click Posting> Updateto update the facture without printing.


    Click Posting> Printto print the facture without posting.

    Note Note

    The created facture can be viewed in the Facture journalform ( Accounts payable> Inquiries> Journals> Factureor Accounts payable> Inquiries> Journals> Invoice> Facture).

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