Under Russian Federation law (PBU 6/01), partial liquidation of a fixed asset can result in a change to the original value of the asset.

  1. Click Fixed assets> Common Forms> FA journal.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new journal and enter the required details.

  3. Click Lines, and then create lines to record the write-off disassembly transaction.

  4. In the Add to journalform, in the Transaction typefield, select Partial take-down.

  5. In the Transaction datefield, enter the transaction date.

  6. In the FA numberfield, enter the identification of the fixed asset.

  7. Click OK. The lines are created in the journal.

    Note Note

    You must enter the transaction details for the other value models for this fixed asset manually, since the balance cost disposal transactions, depreciation, depreciated cost, posting components at market value to the warehouse, and profit or loss from a write-off are created automatically in the main and tax value models.

  8. Click Functions> Show invisibleto display profit and loss.

  9. Click Validate> Validateto validate the journal.

  10. Click Post> Post. Transactions are created in the ledger and fixed asset account, and the item is posted to the warehouse.

    Note Note

    The partial take-down transaction is displayed in the Partial take-downfield group in the FA Balancesform. As a result of a partial fixed asset disassembly with a loss, a line in the Deferralsis created if the corresponding depreciated group has been configured.

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