The following topics provide information about closing Accounts receivable.

(RUS) Generate and print an Inventory act (INV-17) or Certificate (Appendix to INV-17) report for customers

Close Accounts receivable business process component forms

The following table lists the forms that support the close Accounts receivable business process component.

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You may require additional information or specific parameter settings in order to navigate to some of these forms.

Business process component

Form name


Process closing transactions

Account receivable counting lines (form)

View the inventory data collected from the Accounts receivable inventory actregister.

Counting act (form)

Set up the counting date and collect inventory data from the Accounts receivable inventory actregister and the Accounts payable inventory actregister.

(RUS) Print counting act (form)

Print the Counting act (INV-17)or Certificate (Appendix to INV-17)reports.

Debt interval (form)

Set up a debt interval for bad debts.

Tax registers (form)

Create tax registers.

Tax register journal (form)

Create a tax register journal.

Register journal lines (form)

Generate tax register journal lines.

Register lines (form)

View the register lines after the register calculation.