You can set parameters that are essential for profit tax calculation in the General ledger parametersform.

  1. Click General ledger> Setup> Parameters.

  2. Click the Profit taxtab and in the Tax Dimensionfield, select the tax dimension code.

  3. Select the Dimension in tree structurecheck box to display the tax dimension directory in a tree structure.

  4. In the Buffer sizefield, enter the number of lines that will be displayed when the registers are displayed.

  5. In the Model numberfield, select the tax model for account deferrals.

  6. In the Cubefield, enter the name of the cube that is generated when calculating the totals from the expense code.

  7. In the OLAP server namefield, enter the name of the OLAP server that will process the data.

  8. In the OLAP databasefield, enter the name of the database that will be generated to process the data.

  9. In the Yearsfield, enter the year of the data used for the calculation.

  10. Click Edit data linkto open the Data Link Propertiesform to set up OLAP data link details and view the details in the Connection stringfield.

  11. In the Compressionfield, select the grouping level for the transaction.

  12. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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