You can register basic information for the bank with which a company conducts business in the Banksform.

  1. Click Bank> Common Forms> Banksto open the Banksform.

  2. On the Overviewtab, press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Bank IDfield, enter the unique identifier of the bank.

  4. In the Namefield, enter the bank account name.

  5. In the BICfield, enter the bank identification code (BIC).

  6. In the Corr. bank accountfield, enter the correspondence bank account.

  7. In the Where corr. account is openedfield, enter the name of the bank where the correspondence bank account is opened.

  8. In the Bank typefield, select one of the following options:

    • Main– The bank is the main office.

    • Branch– The bank is a branch. In the Main bankfield, select the bank code that corresponds to the main office.

  9. On the Addressand Contact informationtabs, view or modify the bank information.

  10. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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