1. Click Bank> Reports> External> Journal of registration of documentsto open the Journal of registration of cash vouchersform.

  2. In the Cashfield, select a cash account number for which the report must be generated.

  3. In the Start dateand the To datefields, select a period for the report.

  4. Select the Would you like to print corrections?check box to include cash transactions with a correction document type in the report.

  5. Select the Day data on separate pagecheck box to insert a page break between each day of the specified report period.

  6. Select the Print title-pagecheck box to print the title page.

  7. In the Job titlefield, enter the position of the person who is responsible for the transaction, and in the Namefield, enter the name of the person.

  8. Click OKto print the report.

    Note Note

    The report displays cash transactions with Confirmed, Approved, and Rejectedstatuses.

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