The register data for Value Added Tax (VAT) invoices that the company receives is submitted to the tax administrator on Form FR0671. Form FR0672 is used to report register data for VAT invoices that the company issues. Both of these forms can be generated and submitted electronically.

To generate a sales or purchase invoice register report, you must select the Invoice and packing slip numberingby the user or the user groups.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Periodic> Invoice register (FR0672)to open the Export invoice register (FR0672)form.


    Accounts payable> Periodic> Invoice register (FR0671)to open the Export invoice register (FR0671)form.

  2. In the From dateand the To datefields, select the date range for the report.

  3. Click Selectto select a specific account number for the report, and then click OKto return to the Export invoice registerform.

  4. In the File namefield, specify the file name and location to save the invoice register report.

  5. Click OKto generate the export file for the invoice register report.

    Note Note

    The export file is created and saved in *.ffdata format in the specified location.

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