If unsettled payment documents remain at the end of reporting period, the payment documents must be converted to prepayments and included in the sales book.

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You can also convert a payment into a prepayment by using the Customer transactionsform.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Periodic> Sales book> Sales books journal> Functions> Transform to prepaymentto open the Unsettled paymentsform.

  2. Select the Markcheck box for the payment line you want to convert to a prepayment, and then click Prepayment handlingto open the Convert to prepaymentform.

  3. In the Datefield, select the transaction date.

  4. Select the Automatically facture creationcheck box to create a facture automatically on prepayment.

    Note Note

    If you do not select this check box, the factures on prepayments are created in postponed mode.

  5. Click OKto transform the customer payment to a customer prepayment.

    Note Note

    This step reverses the previously created transaction and its attendant credit liability. Prepayment transactions are dated as specified in the Convert to prepaymentform. Prepayment factures are created and included in the sales book after it is updated.

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