1. Click Accounts payable> Common Forms> Advance reports.

  2. Press CTRL+N and enter the required details.

  3. In the lower pane, click the Linestab.

  4. Enter the required details.

  5. Click Functions, and select Copy from expends.

  6. Select an expense line.

  7. In the Datefield, enter the date of the transaction.

  8. In the Document numberfield, enter the number of the confirmed disbursement voucher.

    Note Note

    The entries in the Document name, Rate, and Currencyfields are automatically displayed from the expense rate Help book.

  9. In the Quantity of daysfield, enter the number of days of the business trip.

  10. In the To weekdayfield, enter the daily expense amount.

    Note Note

    The Total amountfield displays the total expense amount. The Rateand Over ratefields display information about the expense type.

  11. Click Saveto transfer the entries from the Create linesform to the Advance reportform.

    Note Note

    The entry in the Ledger accountfield is displayed according to the expense rate posting setup. If the actual expense is more than the established rates, then a supplementary line for the excess amount is created when the expenses are transferred to the advance report. In this situation, the Over ratecheck box is selected automatically. The Line typefield of the advance report that is generated by using the Copy from expendsfunction displays the value Expense.

  12. Click Postto post the report.

  13. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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