Assets are inventoried according to their locations. You must calculate depreciation for any inventory asset transaction in any period, and the date of the depreciation transaction must be earlier than the date of the inventory.

  1. Click Fixed assets> Periodic> FA inventoryto open the FA inventoryform.

  2. On the Overviewtab, press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Inventory start datefield, select the starting date for counting.

  4. In the FA locationfield, select the location of the asset that you are updating the inventory for.

  5. In the Name of journalfield, select the name of the journal that will be created from the inventory results.

    Note Note

    The Inventory end datefield displays the ending date of the inventory when you close the inventory, and you cannot modify this field.

  6. In the Journal numberfield, view or modify the number to use for the inventory and the collation statement.

    Note Note

    If number sequences are configured, the journal number is displayed automatically.

  7. Click the Generaltab, and in the First responsibleand Second responsiblefields, select the name of the employee who is responsible for the inventory.

  8. Click the Setuptab, and then select the Quantity initialization by factcheck box to update the quantity in the ledger when you create inventory lines.

  9. Click Linesto open the Inventory lines creationform.

  10. In the Accountingfield, select the fixed asset value model.

    Note Note

    Click Selectto open the Assetsform, and then enter the selection criteria for fixed assets or fixed asset groups to include in the inventory.

  11. Click OKto open the FA inventory linesform to view the inventory assets transactions for the specified fixed assets in the ledger.

    Note Note

    The Accounting quantityfield displays the quantity of fixed assets detected in the ledger. The value of the field is always 1.

  12. In the Real quantityfield, enter the actual quantity of fixed assets. This field displays a value of 1, if you have selected the Quantity initialization by factcheck box.

    Note Note

    In the Real quantityfield, enter a zero if fixed assets or inventory assets are not actually detected.

  13. Press CTRL+N to open the Inventory lines creationform to create new lines for fixed assets or inventory assets that are not specified in the ledger. You must register all fixed assets and inventory assets in the Fixed assetsform.

    Note Note

    For more information, see (RUS) Register fixed assets in the system.

  14. In the FA numberfield, select the fixed asset specified during the inventory.

  15. In the Value modelfield, select a fixed asset value model with which the inventory was performed.

    Note Note

    If you do not select a value model, lines will be created for all models created in the FA record card.

  16. Click OKto create new lines in the FA inventory linesform.

  17. In the Real quantityfield, enter a value of 1.

  18. Press CTRL+S or close the form to return to the FA inventoryform.

  19. Click Closeto open the Closing of inventory journalform.

  20. In the Closed datefield, select the closing date of the inventory.

  21. In the Accountingfield, select a fixed asset value model.

  22. Click OKto return to the FA inventoryform.

  23. Click FA journalto open the Journalform, and then click Linesto open the Journal voucherform. Transactions are created for writing off the assets that are not detected in the inventory process or acquisition transactions that were detected in the inventory process.

  24. Click Validate> Validateto validate the journal.

  25. Click Post> Postto post the journal.

    Note Note

    Click Fixed assets> Inquiries> Transactionsto open the FA transactionsform to view the created transactions.

  26. Click Reports> FA inventory actto print the inventory act.


    Reports> Collation statementto print the collation statement.

  27. In the Value modelfield, select the fixed asset value model.

  28. In the Reporting datefield, select the date of the report.

  29. Click OKto print the report.

  30. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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