The Microsoft Dynamics AX forms listed in the following table for the Czech Republic have been modified. Refer to the following form topics for information about the new changes that have been incorporated into the forms.

For more information about each of the forms, refer to the Applications and Business Processes Help.

Form names

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Accounts payable parameters

(CZE) Accounts payable parameters (modified form)

Accounts receivable parameters

(CZE) Accounts receivable parameters (modified form)

Adjust inventory transactions

(CZE) Adjust inventory transactions (modified form)

Adjust transactions

(CZE) Adjust transactions (modified form)

Adjustment of on-hand inventory

(CZE) Adjustment of on-hand inventory (modified form)

Asset depreciation books

(CZE) Asset depreciation books (modified form)

Blanket order

(CZE) Blanket order (modified form)

Close inventory

(CZE) Close inventory (modified form)

Copy sales orders

(CZE) Copy sales orders (modified form)

Depreciation books

(CZE) Depreciation books (modified form)

Depreciation proposal

(CZE) Depreciation proposal (modified form)

Disposal parameters

(CZE) Disposal parameters (modified form)

EU sales list

(CZE) EU sales list (modified form)

Export to Excel

(CZE) Export to Excel (modified form)

Fixed asset balances

(CZE) Fixed asset balances (modified form)

Fixed asset journal lines

(CZE) Fixed asset journal lines (modified form)

Fixed asset posting profiles

(CZE) Fixed asset posting profiles (modified form)

Fixed asset value models

(CZE) Fixed asset value models (modified form)

Foreign trade parameters

(CZE) Foreign trade parameters (modified form)

Free text invoice

(CZE) Free text invoice (modified form)

General ledger parameters

(CZE) General ledger parameters (modified form)

Generate diskette for EU sales list

(CZE) Generate diskette for EU sales list (modified form)


(CZE) Intrastat (modified form)

Inventory parameters

(CZE) Inventory parameters (modified form)

Invoice approval journal

(CZE) Invoice approval journal (modified form)

Invoice journal

(CZE) Invoice journal (modified form)

Invoice pool excl. posting

(CZE) Invoice pool excl. posting (modified form)

Invoice register

(CZE) Invoice register (modified form)


(CZE) Items (modified form)

Posting invoice

(CZE) Posting invoice (modified form)

Project contracts

(CZE) Project contracts (modified form)

Project parameters

(CZE) Project parameters (modified form)

Recalculate inventory

(CZE) Recalculate inventory (modified form)

Sales journal

(CZE) Sales journal (modified form)

Sales orders

(CZE) Sales orders (modified form)

Sales tax groups

(CZE) Sales tax groups (modified form)

Select for credit note

(CZE) Select for credit note (modified form)

VAT register transaction

(CZE) VAT register transaction (modified form)