Warehouse trial balances reflect quantities and values of warehouse inventory item balances at the start and end of each period, and also provide information about inventory turnover during the period.

The report is generated by using inventory transactions with the status Purchased, Received, Sold, or Issued. The total amount for each item is calculated as a total amount of inventory transactions and inventory transaction adjustments for the period, for each warehouse.

  1. Click Inventory management> Reports> Status> Inventory balance turnoverto open the Inventory balance turnoverform.

  2. In the Start datefield, enter the starting date of the period.

  3. In the To datefield, enter the ending date of the period.

  4. In the Warehousefield, select the warehouse from the warehouse list.

  5. In the Show zero turnoverfield, activate the parameter if it is necessary to show zero turnover for the item.

  6. Select the Exclude Stornocheck box to show reverse postings in the report.

    Note Note

    Select this check box to exclude the reverse postings in the total inventory turnover without displaying them in separate lines. If you clear this check box, separate lines for direct and reverse postings for each item will be displayed. If the original and reverse transactions that are analyzed in this report are from the same reporting period, they will not affect the turnover of that item. However, if they are from different periods, a transaction that occurred during the period of analysis will affect the turnover in that period.

  7. Click Selectto open the Inventory balance turnover - Reportform to configure additional report generation settings.

  8. Click OKto generate the report.

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