You can prepare VAT reports, including VAT return reports, for submittal to the tax authorities.

  1. Click General ledger> Periodic> VAT reportingto open the VAT reportingform.

  2. In the Datefield, select the date when the transaction report must be generated.

  3. In the Settlement periodfield, select the code for the sales tax settlement period.

  4. Click Create reportto open the Sales tax reportingreport, and then select the Approvecheck box to initiate creation of the report.

  5. Select the Expandcheck box to print all the lines without the amount limit control.

  6. In the Versionfield, select the version of the report to be printed.

  7. Click OKto print the selected version of the report. The report information selected at the header level is displayed at the lines level.

  8. Click Report version linesto view the report version lines and the details of the selected voucher, and then close the form.

  9. Click Posted sales taxto view the posted sales tax transactions and the details of each transaction, and then close the form.

  10. Click Print reportto print the report.

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