The advance invoice is a document created for a vendor that shows the amount to be prepaid on a purchase order. The prepayment must be made before the order is processed. The advance invoice is not an accounting or tax document, but serves only as the basis for prepayments.

  1. Click Accounts payable> Common Forms> Advance invoiceto open the Advance invoiceform.

  2. Create a vendor advance invoice and post the invoice.

  3. Click Functions> Statusto open the Change advance invoice statusform. In the New statusfield, select the status for the advance invoice.

    Note Note

    You can change the status of the advance invoice at any time. You cannot process closed advance invoices in transactions.

  4. In the Advance invoiceform, click Showto filter advance invoices.

  5. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

Note Note

You can also create a vendor advance invoice using the Purchase orderform. Select an existing purchase order or create a new purchase order. Click Create advance invoice> OKand follow steps 2 through 4.

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