1. Click Bank> Inquiries> Cash transactionsand open the Cash transactionform to view cash disbursement and cash reimbursement slips.

    Note Note

    Cash receipts can be reprinted for transactions that have a Statusof Approved, Confirmed, or Rejected.

  2. Click Original documentto open the Original documentform.

  3. Click Showto open the Journalform.

  4. Click Print(b)> Cash reportto open the Cash reportdialog box.

  5. Click the Selectbutton to select the journal number. The selected journal number is displayed in the Journal numberfield.

  6. Click OKto reprint the selected cash transaction.

  7. You can reprint the cash disbursements and cash reimbursements slips by generating the Cash orderreport ( Bank> Reports> External> Cash Order).

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