System and company parameters setup forms

The following table lists the forms that support setting up system and company parameters. The table is organized alphabetically by task and form name.

Note Note

You may require additional information or specific parameter settings in order to navigate to some of these forms.

For more information about setup and maintenance tasks, see the System and Application Setup Help.


Form name


Set up company officials

Company information (modified form)

Enter and manage general company information.

Officials (form)

Create a list of company officials.

Set up system and company parameters

Exchange rate (modified form)

Enter the exchange rate between the company currency and other currencies.

Monetary unit declension (form)

Enter units and parts for the company currency.

Set up number sequences

Counters management (form)

Specify number sequences for document types, modules, and users or user groups.

Set up Intrastat

Foreign trade parameters (modified form)

Specify parameters for handling Intrastat and the European Union (EU) sales list.

Intrastat (modified form)

Generate and report information about trade among EU countries/regions.