1. Click General ledger> Journals> Depreciation books.

  2. Create a depreciation book journal and click Lines.

  3. Click Proposals> Pre-acquisition proposalto create an automatic proposal for the fixed asset acquisition.

  4. Click Selectand select the fixed asset to be acquired in the AssetDepBookProposalform.

  5. Close the Pre-acquisition proposalform to return to the Journal lineform.

  6. In the Fixed asset numberfield, select the fixed asset.

    Note Note

    The depreciation book is automatically selected in the Depreciation bookfield when you select the fixed asset in the Fixed asset numberfield.

  7. In the Debitfield, enter the fixed asset acquisition price.

  8. Enter the required details and post the journal.

    Note Note

    The pre-acquisition proposal is an optional transaction in Depreciation booksand is not dependent on the Allow pre-acquisitioncheck box in the General ledger parametersform.

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