This Help section provides information about Microsoft Dynamics AX features and functionality that are specific to Latvia. Procedures or other Help topics for country-specific forms and reports include (LVA) in the title. To use these features, you must select the configuration key for Latvia.

For information about regulatory changes and other updated country/region information that have been incorporated into Microsoft Dynamics AX after release, look for updated Microsoft Dynamics AX documentation on the Web.


Setup information for the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX application is described in the System and Application Setup Help.

Note Note

On the Microsoft Dynamics AX toolbar, click Help> System and Application Setup.

Some setup information for Latvia pertains to your entire system or company, and some pertains to specific modules.

For information about setting up and maintaining features that are used throughout your application or that might be used for more than one module, see (LVA) System and company setup for Latvia

For information about setting up and maintaining features for specific functional areas, see the following topics:

Modules, procedures, and processes

The structure of the Latvia Help is similar to that of the Applications and Business Processes Help. The Help provides information about procedures that pertain specifically to Latvia, and it also includes information about changes to standard Microsoft Dynamics AX procedures that have been made for Latvia.

See "Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX user assistance" in the Applications and Business Processes Help for information about the Help system organization.

New forms

Forms that are specific to Latvia include (LVA) in the title of the Help topic. When you are working in a form, you can press F1 to open the Help section for the form.

Modified forms

Numerous standard Microsoft Dynamics AX forms have been modified for use in Latvia, usually by adding fields, tabs, or buttons. For more information, see (LVA) Modified forms for Latvia.

When you press F1 while in a form that is part of the standard application, the standard Help section is displayed. For information about the form changes that pertain to Latvia, refer to the modified form topic. For example, if you press F1 while in the Accounts receivable parametersform, the standard Help for that form is displayed. To see information about the new fields that have been added to the Accounts receivable parametersform for Latvia, see (LVA) Accounts receivable parameters (modified form)


Many of the reports that you will use are contained in the standard application. When you press F1 while in a report form, the standard Help section for that report is displayed.

Other reports are specific to Latvia. When you press F1 while in those forms, the Help that is displayed includes (LVA) in the title of the Help topic.