In order to import fixed requisites, you must create a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet that contains columns to hold the requisite code and the requisite description. You can include other columns as well.

  1. Click General ledger> Setup> Financial reports generator> Fixed requisitesto open the Fixed requisitesform, and verify that requisites with the codes that you are creating do not already exist.

  2. Click Importto open the Requisites importform.

  3. In the File namefield, specify the path of the Microsoft Office Excel file from where the fixed requisites are to be imported, and then click Open. The file is displayed in the lower section of the form.

  4. Select the required cells with requisite codes in the requisite codes column, and then click Selectnext to the Requisitefield to display the correct range of selected cells.

  5. Select the required cells in the column with requisite descriptions, and then click Selectnext to the Descriptionfield and verify that the correct range is displayed in the Descriptionfield.

  6. Click OKand verify that the requisites were created. If necessary, change their types and values.

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