Changes have been made to the following forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX for Lithuania.

Refer to the following form topics for information about changes that have been incorporated into the forms for Lithuania.

For more information about each of the forms, refer to the Applications and Business Processes Help.

Form names

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Accounts receivable parameters

(LTU) Accounts receivable parameters (modified form)

Bank accounts

(LTU) Bank accounts (modified form)

Company information

(LTU) Company information (modified form)

Customer bank accounts

(LTU) Customer bank accounts (modified form)

Customer methods of payment

(LTU) Customer methods of payment (modified form)

Customer payment journal lines

(LTU) Customer payment journal lines (modified form)


(LTU) Customers (modified form)

EU sales list

(LTU) EU sales list (modified form)

Exchange rate

(LTU) Exchange rate (modified form)

Fixed asset value models

(LTU) Fixed asset value models (modified form)

Foreign trade parameters

(LTU) Foreign trade parameters (modified form)

Free text invoice

(LTU) Free text invoice (modified form)

Invoice history journal

(LTU) Invoice history journal (modified form)

Invoice proposal

(LTU) Invoice proposal (modified form)


(LTU) Item (modified form)

Project parameters

(LTU) Project parameters (modified form)

Purchase invoice journal

(LTU) Purchase invoice journal (modified form)

Purchase order

(LTU) Purchase order (modified form)

Purchase packing slip journal

(LTU) Purchase packing slip journal (modified form)

Sales invoice journal

(LTU) Sales invoice journal (modified form)

Sales order

(LTU) Sales order (modified form)

Sales packing slip journal

(LTU) Sales packing slip journal (modified form)

Sales tax codes

(LTU) Sales tax codes (modified form)

Slip journal lines

(LTU) Slip journal lines (modified form)

Transfer order

(LTU) Transfer order (modified form)

Vendor bank accounts

(LTU) Vendor bank accounts (modified form)

Vendor methods of payment

(LTU) Vendor methods of payment (modified form)

Vendor payment journal lines

(LTU) Vendor payment journal lines (modified form)


(LTU) Vendors (modified form)