After you set up and activate numbering in the Counters managementform, you can sequentially number invoices and packing slips for registration purposes.

  1. Click Project> Common Forms> Project Detailsto open the Projectsform.

  2. Click Invoice> Invoice Proposalto open the Invoice proposalform.

  3. Click the Invoice auto numberingcheck box to use the number sequence specified for the selected entity (customer, user or user group, or invoice) in the Counters managementform.

    Note Note

    If you have set up counter management for the customer in the Counters managementform, the Invoice auto numberingcheck box is selected automatically.

  4. Click Post Invoiceto post the invoice in the Post invoiceform.

  5. In the Numberingfield, select the sequence code for automatic document numbering.

  6. Click OKto post the invoice.

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