According to the Lithuanian accounting regulations, when an item is scrapped, an inventory scrap statement must be prepared and submitted to the government authorities.

The inventory scrap statement contains details about the inventoried items that are scrapped. When you prepare the statement, you specify the inventory dimensions and the financial dimensions of the scrapped items that will appear in the statement. The rows in the statement display information about the items based on the dimension criteria that you select.

  1. Click Inventory management> Reports> Transactions> Inventory scrap statementto open the Inventory scrap statementform.

  2. In the From dateand To datefields, enter the starting date and the ending date that the inventory scrap statement should cover.

  3. Select the Show zero linescheck box to print lines where the values or the quantity equal zero.

  4. In the Statusfield, select the status of the items to include in the scrap statement report:

    • Sold– Items with the Soldstatus are displayed in the report.

    • Sold, Purchased– Items with the Soldand Purchasedstatuses are displayed in the report.

    • Manual selection– You can select various combinations of issue and receipt statuses using the Selectbutton.

    Note Note

    You must select the Soldstatus to print a report of the scrapped item.

  5. Select the financial dimensions of the scrapped items under the Dimensionsfield group.

  6. Select the item-inventory and storage-inventory dimensions of the scrapped items under the Viewfield group.

  7. Click Selectto open the Inventory scrap statement – Reportform and select additional criteria for the report.

  8. Click OKto close the form.

  9. Click Optionsto set up the printing options and click OK.

  10. Click OKin the Inventory scrap statementform to print the inventory scrap statement.

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