After you receive or disburse a cash voucher for reimbursement or disbursement of cash receipts, the cash documents are registered in the cash book.

  1. Click Bank> Reports> External> Cash Bookto open the Cash bookform.

  2. In the Cashfield, select a cash account code.

  3. In the Start dateand To datefields, specify the date range for the cash book report.

  4. Select the Would you like to print corrections?check box in order to display the reversed cash book documents in the report.

  5. Select the Print cashier reportcheck box to print the cashier report.

  6. Select the Print Title-pageand Print Last Pagecheck boxes to print the title page and the last page.

  7. In the First Page for Cash Bookfield, enter the number of the first page for the specified period in the cash book report.

  8. Press OKto generate the report.

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