You can assign number sequence groups to ensure that documents and vouchers in different cash accounts have a unique numbering format.

  1. Click Bank> Setup> Parametersto open the Bank parametersform.

  2. Click the Number sequencestab.

  3. Click Groupto open the Number sequence groupsform.

    Note Note

    The Groupbutton is available only when the cash account-related references - Cash reimbursement slips, Cash disbursement slips, Cash correction voucher, and Cash exchange adjustment slip- are selected in the Referencefield.

  4. Click CTRL+N to create a new number sequence group.

  5. In the Groupfield, enter a unique group name for allocation of the new number sequence to a customer or vendor.

  6. In the Descriptionfield, enter the description of the number sequence group.

  7. Click the Referencetab, and then select the number sequence codes that will be used to formulate the numbers for the group that is selected in the Referencefield.

    Note Note

    The reference selected in the Bank parametersform is displayed in the Referencefield.

  8. In the Number sequence codefield, select the current number sequence code to be used with references.

  9. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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