You can calculate a realized exchange adjustment from bank transactions in the Exchange adjustmentform.

Note Note

You can view the settled amount after the exchange adjustment in the Settled currencyfield of the Bank transactionsform. You can also view the exchange adjustment difference for expenditure bank transactions in the Exchange adjustment amountfield of the form. A voucher number is assigned in the Voucher numberfield according to the bank exchange rate difference sequence number setup.

  1. Click Bank> Periodic> Bank> Exchange adjustment (FIFO/LIFO).

  2. In the On datefield, enter an ending date for the adjustment calculation.

    Note Note

    Only transactions with a date earlier than the date specified will be included in the calculation.

  3. Click Selectto specify a bank account code in the Bank accountfield for realized exchange adjustment.

  4. Click OKto display the selected bank account details in the Exchange adjustmentform.

  5. Select the Recalculationcheck box to recalculate the exchange adjustment difference for all open periods.

    Note Note

    If you do not specify a bank account number, the recalculation will be done for all bank accounts.

  6. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

  7. Click Bank> Reports> Transactions> Bank – Exchange adjustmentto view the bank transactions with exchange adjustment amount.

  8. Click Selectto select one or more bank accounts.

    Note Note

    If the Bank accountfield is left blank, you can view the bank transaction details for all bank accounts.

  9. Click OKto generate a Bank – Exchange adjustmentreport.

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