You can use the Vendor turnover registerform to generate a vendor turnover and balances statement report.

  1. Click Accounts payable> Inquiries> Balance turnover registerto open the Vendor turnover registerform.

  2. In the Date interval codefield, select the code for the report period.

    Note Note

    The dates in the From dateand To datefields are displayed according to the code that you select in the Date interval codefield.

  3. In the From dateand To datefields, select the starting date and the ending date for the report.

  4. In the Currency typefield, select the type of currency.

  5. In the Currencyfield, select the transaction currency.

    Note Note

    This field is active if you select Indicated currencyin the Currency typefield.

  6. In the Ledger accountfield, select the ledger account for the report. If you select the ledger account number for the Totalaccount type, a report will be created for all vouchers that are related to this account type.

  7. Under the Detail and sorting parametersfield group, move the parameters that you want to use from the Available fieldsfield group to the Selected fieldsfield group that are used to sort and group data in the report.

  8. In the Departmentfield, select the department.

  9. In the Cost centerfield, select the cost center.

  10. In the Purposefield, select the purpose.

    Note Note

    If you define the dimension codes in the Department, Cost center, and Purposefields, then you can select only transactions with those codes for the report. Otherwise, you can select transactions with any dimension code.

  11. Select the Print rangescheck box to specify the ranges to print.

  12. Select the Delete zero linecheck box to prevent lines with no turnover from inclusion in the report.

  13. Select the Total accountscheck box to include the summary accounts in the report.

  14. Select the Counteragent transactionscheck box to export the counteragent transactions to the turnover register.

  15. Click Selectto specify the criteria for the vendor account and currency, if required.

  16. Click OKto open the Balance turnover register.

  17. Double-click the register line to view the transaction details for the vendor account in the Vendor transactionsform.

  18. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

  19. In the Balance turnover register, click Selectto modify the defined parameters to create the report in the Vendor turnover registerform.

  20. Click OKto return to the Balance turnover register.

  21. Click Printto generate the report.

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