After processing VAT, you can cancel the processing results in part or in full. However, you can cancel only those vouchers with an open tax period.

  1. Click Accounts payable> Periodic> Purchase book> Canceling processed VATto open the Purchase book (Canceling processed VAT)form.

  2. Click Selectto open the Canceling processed VAT-select data for periodform, and then specify the criteria for creating a list of the factures that were used for VAT processing.

  3. In the From dateand To datefields, specify the VAT processing period.

  4. Click OK. A list of factures is displayed in the Purchase book (Canceling processed VAT)form for which the VAT processing was done.

    Note Note

    The factures are displayed in the upper pane of the form. Tax distribution vouchers for each facture are shown in the lower section of the form. Only vouchers that pertain to the open tax period are canceled.

  5. In the upper section of the form, select the Markedcheck box to select all factures for canceling.

  6. Click Mark> Mark allto select all factures for canceling.


    Click Mark> Unmark allto clear the Markedcheck box for all lines in the form.

  7. Click Post. The VAT processing is canceled with the reversing refund or closure of VAT transactions in the ledger with the specified date.

    Note Note

    To view the VAT processing log, click Accounts payable> Periodic> Purchase book> VAT processing log.

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