The following depreciated property assets can be acquired:

  • Purchased assets

  • Assets obtained as a deposit in charter capital

  • Assets obtained under a gift agreement (obtained without compensation)

  • Assets obtained in exchange for other property

  • Unaccounted fixed assets discovered during inventory

  • Leased fixed assets; funds redeemed from a leaser

A credit account is used in all of these scenarios, which provides several options for creating correct transactions in the ledger. You can specify an account by creating a transaction manually in the fixed asset journal, or by configuring the posting profile for a transaction for various types of fixed assets in the Fixed Asset Posting Profilesform.

Note Note

The cost of an acquired fixed asset might differ from the purchase cost. For example, the cost might be increased by the addition of miscellaneous charges associated with acquisition, such as testing and commissioning.

There are two ways of acquiring fixed assets:

  • A transaction for a single asset is created manually.

  • A transaction for one fixed asset, a fixed asset group, or all fixed assets with a Boughtor Scheduledstatus is created automatically.

    Note Note

    An asset that is built from warehoused components with an automatic write-off of the component details can also be acquired.

To post a fixed asset acquisitions voucher, the depreciation parameters, such as service life and depreciation method, must already be specified in the FA Value modelsform.

The following changes take place when you post an acquisition transaction:

  • A transaction with the Acquisitiontype is created in the ledger.

  • If an inventory item that corresponds to a fixed asset exists then a fixed asset write-off transaction from the warehouse is created. The asset status is changes to Exploitation. In the Fixed asset balancefield, information is displayed in the Original costand Depreciated costfields.

  • By default, the depreciation starting date is set to the start of the depreciation period following the acquisition date. However, this date can be changed manually.

You can convert one fixed asset, a group of fixed assets, or all fixed assets with a Boughtor Scheduledstatus to Exploitationstatus with a single transaction.

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