You can use the Statistics statementform to set up statistics report templates, create columns in the templates, and generate printed statistics reports.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Reports> Statistics statementto open a statistics statement report.

  2. In the Reportfield, select or modify the code for the report to be printed.

  3. On the Columnstab, in the From dateand To datefields, select or modify the interval for calculating values in the columns for which no date interval is set individually.

    Note Note

    The dates of the time interval are displayed in the From dateand To datefields, in those columns for which you can set time intervals. You can modify the date interval if necessary.

  4. Click Selectto open the Select employee for reportform and set up the filter criteria for an employee.

  5. Click OKto close the form.

  6. Click Optionsto open the Printer setupform and set up the printing parameters.

  7. Click OKto save the print setup and return to the selected statistics report.

  8. Click OKto print the statistics statement report.

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