Payroll company setup and maintenance forms

The following table lists the forms that support setting up and maintaining payroll for the company. The table entries are organized by task and then alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

You may require additional information or specific parameter settings in order to navigate to some of these forms.

For more information about setup and maintenance tasks, see the System and Application Setup Guide.


Form name


Setting up an organizational structure

Classes\categories of qualification (form)

Set up qualification categories for a specific position in the staff list.

Employee categories (form)

Create employee categories and configure parameters for each category in your company, in order to print reports.

Names of scale of charges (form)

Create a directory of pay scale names for your company.

Organization (form)

Create departments for your company and assign the director and person in charge of each department.

Organizational chart (form)

Create a staff list that includes departments, positions, and employee categories.

Positions (form)

Create employee positions in the company, and define the employee category codes for the new positions.

Staff administration parameters (form)

Set up the default rate codes for salary raises.

Wage grades (form)

Create wage grades for a new pay scale.

Setting up employee salary calculations and payments

Average workers on payroll (form)

Calculate the average number of employees for a payroll group for contractors.

Calculation procedures (form)

Set up various calculation procedures.

Civil contracts (form)

Create and manage civil contracts.

Employees (form)

Set up the contractors in order to calculate rewards and tax and view the payroll group for an employee.

Off-budget funds and labor remuneration fund taxes (form)

Set up off-budget funds to define the tax base for Consolidated Social Tax (CST), and to define the structure of payment types that are used to calculate sick pay, vacation pay, maintenance, and other payments.

Payroll groups (form)

Set up codes for payroll groups and assign employees to the group.

Payroll parameters (form)

Set up the parameters for the payroll calculation.

Payroll posting profiles (form)

Create posting profiles.

Payroll rates (form)

Define the values of calculation variables, such as the rate for calculating pension fund contributions, or the number of children for calculating corresponding benefits.

Salary payment setup (form)

Set up salary payments in cash and via the bank.

Sequence of calculation (form)

Define the calculation order of the required values for pay types and counters.

Setup general rates (form)

Set up salary rates and define their types and values for the payroll group.

Setting up time sheets

Employees (form)

Assign a calendar to each employee, according to the schedule that the employee works.

Periodic templates (form)

Move settings from one day to another.

Time code list (form)

Set up time codes for a time sheet, and define the methods used to register them.

Time group (form)

Track actual work hours for an employee, absences from work, or other elements.

Time group (form)

Set up codes for time groups, and then include the time codes in a specified time group.

Time sheet general settings (form)

Define the basic setup for time sheets.

Time types in a time sheet (form)

Set up time types for time sheets.

Setting up average earned, vacation payment, and sick leave calculation

Common setup of sick-list calculation (form)

Set up parameters to define the methods to calculate the benefits for temporary work incapacity, pregnancy, or maternity.

Employee average earned calculation method (form)

Change the vacation payment calculation methods settings.

General settings for business trip calculation (form)

Create one or more records to set up business trip calculation parameters.

General settings for vacation calculation (form)

Set up the vacation payment calculation method.

Income codes (form)

Enter the directories of income revenue.

Sick-lists (form)

Print the sick list for the employee.

Tax calculation settings (form)

Configure general settings for calculating taxes.

Vacations (form)

Calculate the vacation payment.

Setting up taxes

Income codes (form)

Enter the directories of income revenue.

Off-budget funds and labor remuneration fund taxes (form)

Create the basis of calculation fund codes.

Payroll rates (form)

Create tax rates for non-residents.

Reliefs and deductions on off-budget funds (form)

Calculate the payments for compulsory social insurance against accidents.

Tax calculation settings (form)

Configure general settings for calculating taxes and payments to off-budget funds..

Setting up and maintaining statistics statements and report templates

Columns (form)

Configure the columns to be included in the statistics statement.

Report templates options (form)

Set up a report format and import the required values to be included in the selected report, and then define parameters for the staff count distributed over wages report.