Manage staff business process component forms

The following table lists the forms that support the Manage staff business process component. The table is organized by task and then alphabetically by form name.

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You may require additional information or specific parameter settings in order to navigate to some of these forms.

Business process component task

Form name


Manage employee information register

Education (form)

Select the type of education for an employee.

Employees (form)

Enter employee details and create an employee ID card.

Evaluation (form)

Enter employee evaluation details.

Improvement of qualification (form)

Enter information pertaining to improvement of an employee's qualifications.

Language proficiency (form)

Enter information about language skills.

Picture (form)

Add or view the photograph of an employee.

Privileges (form)

Enter the details of the privileges granted to an employee.

Professional experience (form)

Enter previous professional experience.

Punishments (form)

Enter information about disciplinary action taken.

Relatives (form)

Enter the details about an employee's relatives.

Text fields (form)

Enter the list of text fields that are used for entering additional information about an employee.

Vocational retraining (form)

Enter information about vocational retraining.

Manage staff resolutions

Business trip resolution lines (form)

Create business trip resolution lines and post the business trip resolution journal.

Business trip resolutions (form)

Create a business trip resolution journal.

Dismissal resolution lines (form)

Create dismissal resolution lines and post the dismissal resolution journal.

Dismissal resolutions (form)

Create a dismissal resolution journal.

Incentive resolution lines (form)

Create an incentive resolution and post the incentive resolution journal.

Incentive resolutions (form)

Create an incentive resolution journal.

Recruiting resolution lines (form)

Create and post recruiting resolution for an employee.

Recruiting resolutions (form)

Create a recruiting resolution journal.

Transfer resolution lines (form)

Create a transfer resolution journal and post the transfer resolution journal.

Transfer resolutions (form)

Create transfer resolution journals.

Vacation resolution (form)

Create a vacation resolution journal.

Vacation resolution lines (form)

Create vacation resolution lines and post the vacation resolution journal.

Manage average earned, vacation payment, and sick leave

Bonus (form)

View the bonus details for calculation of the average-earned wages by an employee.

Business trips (form)

Register a business trip, calculate average earnings for the business trip, and fill a time sheet with business trip time.

Common setup of sick-list calculation (form)

Set up and configure parameters for sick list calculation.

Creating business trip lines on the basis of business trip orders (form)

Create business trip records from closed business trip resolution journals.

Creating vacation lines on the basis of vacation orders (form)

Create vacation lines based on vacation orders.

Employee average earned calculation (form)

Change the setup for a specific average-earnings calculation transaction and calculate the average earnings of an employee.

Employee average earned calculation method (form)

View or modify the average-earnings calculation method details to calculate the employee's sick leave.

General settings for average age calculation (form)

Establish general settings for the average-earnings calculation.

General settings for vacation calculation (form)

Establish the general settings for vacation calculation.

Pay type transaction list (form)

View the employee accruals for the selected calculation period.

Resulting information about employee worked hours (form)

View the work hour details for the employee during the selected calculation period.

Sick-lists (form)

Register a sick list that defines the temporary work incapacity due to illness, injury, pregnancy, child care, or other reasons.

Vacation schedule (form)

Create a vacation schedule.

Vacation schedule lines (form)

Create vacation schedule lines.

Vacation types (form)

Specify the vacation calculation sequence.

Vacations (form)

Calculate the vacation payment for an employee and the compensation amount for any unused vacation.